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Using Gmail Backup tool offered by our hugely reputed & trustworthy software developing organization will let you create a substitute copy of your Gmail emails, contacts, calendars & documents and also chats. This way you can have a copy of your Gmail data so that even if the original one is out of your reach or inaccessible at the moment, you can access the backup and avail the data.

You can even try the software without paying any investment which is one of the best things about the tool. Nevertheless, you can purchase the software later on and avail all the facilities of the software without any complications surfaced.


Read Pre-Requirement Instruction

  • IMAP must be enabled on Google Account » Read More
  • User Account should not have 2 Steps Verification » Read More
  • Allow Less Secure Apps » Read More

Facilities & Capabilities Owned by Gmail Backup Tool

Multiple User Backup

Single/Multiple Users Backup Creation

To ensure that Gmail data (email, contacts, & calender) backup with absolute security is created, the software asks for the account login details, the username and password. This helps to checking out the availability account plus ascertains that backup is created with permission of the admin.

Single User Backup

Email Deletion after Backup

Once the mails are saved from cloud to machine, users are facilitated to delete the emails directly from the Server. This can fulfill the security concern of the users plus helps in maintaining free space on server so that new data in the mailbox can be welcomed.

Single User Backup

Backup Calendars as ICS File

For better sharing of calendars over the network, ICS is the most convenient option. Gmail calendars when saved in ICS file will allow users to share the meetings and schedules in verity of ICS readable applications like Thunderbird, Outlook, Mobile Phone etc.

Email Converter

Options for Making Emails Backup

With this tool to create Gmail email backup, software gives the opportunity to backup Gmail messages in different way. User can convert emails to PST/MSG (Outlook), EML (Outlook Express) or MBOX format. Also, there is Email Filter option provided to the users for selective mails backup.

Solution for Gmail Contacts Backup

With this innovative creation by our organization, users are allowed to backup crucial contacts of Gmail in vCard. The reason why VCF file is being chosen for safe guarding the contacts is its ability to be accessed in verity of application & mobile phones.

Download & Save Documents

The documents that are being shared within the account can be backed up with this utility. The solution will download and save the documents in their latest supportive file format. Example: Word documents will get saved as DOCX while Presentations as PPTX.


Backup Tool For Gmail - Fantastic option for the backup of the Gmail data, I can say! I used this tool so that I can carry my entire official data from the Gmail account while switching my job. First I was worried for the data accuracy, but with the Gmail email Backup tool I got from this company I really enjoyed trouble free Gmail conversion.

Regorus London

Healthy data was what I was looking forward for while dealing with a shift from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook. Gmail email backup tool helped me to face this situation with confidence. Entire emails from the Gmail account was been converted to the PST file format with the entire data maintained without any data loss.

Joshua Travis Sweden

Heard about the Gmail blackout situation, I was so worried about what will happen if my Gmail account is inaccessible to me even for some hours. Not even single hour is odd hour for me and my business, so we decided to get the Gmail emails backup in Outlook and it was the Backup tool for Gmail that helped us. Thank You for the solution.

Tjankgle Japan

See Complete Working Process of Software

Trial Plus Purchase – Gmail Backup Tool

Gmail backup tool is available both in trial as well as full purchase license. You can either try the software for free by backing up 100 emails items & 25 other items (contacts, calendar & documents) and convert Gmail to PST, MBOX, MSG and EML file format and save contacts into VCF format, calendars into ICS file format & documents in original file format which is the limit provided by the trial edition and later you can purchase the license to carry out restriction free backing up.

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